Best Rental Cars from Car Rental Companies in Toronto

Looking to head towards Toronto during the long vacation? Toronto is emerging as the ideal place for vacationers. However, many vacationers visiting Toronto prefers to opt for reputed car rental services. After all, instead of taking one’s own car, opting for any car rental company can offer a lot of benefits. Look no further as you can choose a reliable toronto car rental company to make your car transportation easier

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Numerous Options

If you have decided to opt for rental cars, you will come across numerous options. Starting from big cars to small cars, different varieties of rental cars are available for the customers. With a lot of options available, a lot of guessing needs to be done.

So before heading to any car rental agency in order to book a Chevrolet Spark or Fiat 500L, one should try to check out its category. Some car rental agencies classify their rental cars under ‘Class A-Economy’ and ‘Class B- Compact’ categories.


Categories and Features to Consider

Even if one is able to consider their car-type, one still needs to take a look into the features that comes with the rented car. Whether the rental car is having an USB port or not? So before booking the car, one should check out all these basic things.


Check Out the Options

After walking to the front-desk of any car rental company, if you feel confused about the car you should pick, there’s nothing to worry. This blog will guide you to find the best rental car with all key-features.


Ford Fiesta

Under the category of Economy cars, this model is very suitable one for enjoying a controlled ride. Deft handling of the car is required. However, if one doesn’t want cramped seating on the rear seat one should avoid this car.

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Hyundai Veloster

Car rental company can offer this high-performance car offers 201 hp and comes with a lot of features, such as 7” touchscreen infotainment display, Apple Card Play, etc. it also offers automatic emergency braking and warning for forward collision.


Kia Soul

Under the category of Intermediate car, this car model offers enough space, big windows for better viewing. Exploring the countryside can be done in the best manner in this car. Even though the 2.0 liter four-cylinder isn’t great; still, this model comes with touch-screen navigation, emergency braking, warning for forward collision, and lane-departure warning

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Volkswagen Jetta

 When looking for a comfortable and spacious car, Volkswagen Jetta can be a good choice. Reputed car rental company mention that this car comes with a large wheelbase and 1.4-liter four-cylinder which is turbocharged. It provides eight-speed automatic transmission and improved acceleration.


Subaru Legacy

This car model offers a new driving experience as it’s very roomy. The car is easy to handle and provide a better ride than luxury cars. The standard all-wheel drive is great for vacationers who want to drive through the snow. It also comes with touchscreen infotainment system, internet radio and a Bluetooth.

The list of best rental cars doesn’t end here. It is endless. However, here are some top picks of rental cars in Toronto.

You can blindly choose these aforementioned car models from a car rental company in Toronto. If one agency is not having these models and forcing you to choose other ones, simply avoid them. Instead, find another car rental agency.