Month: June 2018

10 Awesome Armoured Car That Were Built In Canada

You might not be aware of the fact but Canada is the home to some of the well-known armored car has been designed for the builders and the designers.  Take a look at the 10 armored vehicles which had been built around Canada.

  1. The Huron APC

Apart from producing armored vehicles for individuals in requirement of some high-class security. They has also developed its own military carrier cars completely in house. The Huron APC is quite different than its rivals because of its light weight and impressive maneuverability.

conquest evade

General Dynamics Land Systems Canada

General Dynamics Ocelot is taken to be a tactical car which looks a lot like the privately owned tasks which are on the list. However, looks can be deceiving since it is greatly different that the lot of them in respect to the fact that it is purely a military vehicle that is based on the custom chassis unlike the commercial truck platform. The Ocelot has been made in London and Ontario. It has been seen in combat use in the services of British Army.

  1. Armored Escalade

The armored car, the armored Escalade is one of the first new 2015 Cadillac. Escalades in the country have gone straight to the company apart from their sterling reputation for developing high-quality trucks, these people are way ahead of the curve in terms of style and technology.

  1. Terradyne Gurkha

The hummer dwarf armored car seen in films is Terradyne Gurkha car.  This armored truck has been developed outside of Toronto by the subsidiary of Canadian automotive magnate Magna.  The trucks are used by the police and the government agencies are all across the world even though you might not see them at Toronto.

  1. The armored Toyota Camry

One of the favorite armored car of the people is the bulletproof Camry XLE.  If you have seen it in person inside out, you will know that it appears like it just came from the factory. It is not like something which is capable of stopping the 308 Winchester round. Open the 100-odd pound doors and you will realize that something is up.

  1. Conquest Knight XV

Conquest vehicle is Toronto based.  It has an affiliation for Terradyine which combines the military vehicle design with the personal luxury.  This car is the best example of how these two meet.

  1. Conquest Evade

If you want a car with the look of Conquest Knight Xv but you don’t need all that armour then you need to check out the armored vehicle called the Evade.  This is based on the Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis.

  1. The Mercedes-Benz G63 Limo

The good thing about Toronto based bulletproof vehicle is that they do not stopping innovating.  This form is first which has rolled out a bulletproof and Mercedes-Benz G63 SUV line for the customers who are looking for some room to go with the add on protection of the armouring affords.

armored cars

  1. Cambli Thunder 1

Cambli is a company which specializes in cash in transit armored car which means bank truck. Unlike the trucks which walk in the civilian military line, the Thunder 2 from Cambli is an International based truck. It is definitely not pick-up based.

  1. Streit Spartan APC

This car has been built outside of Toronto but it has deployment everywhere which includes the movies.

Toronto Car Repair Is a Better Option than Car Dealership

Do you own a car? If you answer it in Yes you will definitely know that your car is bound to face some sort of problem from time to time. Sometimes, your car might fail to start or engine may not function properly and so on. Whatever may be the reason, it is always better to take the car for a scheduled service. However, for many years, people have come up with the question, “Whether a reputed car repair shop is a better option an authorized dealer?”

Well, to answer the question simply, it is always better to take the help of Toronto car repair services. The reason to choose a local car repair mechanic or a shop over a dealership shop is very simple. Local car repairing companies can provide great deal of services at an affordable rate. Moreover, there are also other reasons to consult a reputed mechanic.


Necessity of Maintenance and Repairs

It is a well-known fact that car maintenance is important. It can ensure that the car runs well. However, it is important to check out the car is not having any technical snags. If it has any kind of snag it should be repaired.

However, when you are considering about repairs, choosing the right Toronto car repair mechanic is important. Following tips can help you to choose a right shop for the task.

Experience: The mechanics of a dealership shop and an independent shop have same level of experience. However, when it comes to servicing a vehicle, the mechanics of a dealership shop are specialists. They deal with certain kind of vehicles. This means that they may hesitate to work on other vehicle brands. But a local car repair shop in Toronto can prove services on all branded cars. They won’t fuss over the fact.

Warranty: The dealership shop when providing services for car repairs does not remain accountable for their work, once the warranty period is over. However, this is not the case with a Toronto car repair company. Even after the repairing services are done, the mechanic remains accountable for their work.

Cost: As dealership shops deals with only branded cars they come up with a high cost. They go for costly parts while replacing some parts. Basically, they don’t even consult with the customers. However, the repair shops in Toronto take the advice of their customers before going for any replacing. As a result they don’t come up with a huge bill.

Customer Satisfaction: For any local Toronto car repair shop, customer satisfaction is important. Hence, they give more importance to client’s decision before taking any decision. They try to make sure that clients remain 100% happy. However, dealership shops only aim to make money. They don’t care for client satisfaction.

According to a latest survey on ‘repair satisfaction’ it has been seen that customers are more satisfied with the services of independent car repair shops than a dealership shop. So next time, when your car falls ill, makes sure you get in touch with a right Toronto car repair shop.